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25 Tweet Ideas To Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter chat (and don’t forget to use the corresponding hashtag so others in the chat can see your responses).

  • Share the love by retweeting things your fellow bloggers have tweeted, like when they post links to their blogs or shops
  • Send out encouraging tweets to other creatives that you admire
  • Share funny things that happen throughout your day, or little “daily life”-type updates
  • Host a Twitter-only giveaway
  • Respond and interact with your followers and anyone who @mentions you
  • Share links to your other social media accounts and invite everyone to add you there too (but don’t be super spammy!)
  • Share interesting things you find on Pinterest or Tumblr
  • Regularly check the trending hashtags sections and interact with any that are of interest to you or your brand (again, don’t forget to use the corresponding hashtag so others can see what you’re tweeting)
  • Tweet out a question or something you need help with, and include some relevant hashtags
  • If you’re loving a product or service from a company, tweet to let them know (they might just retweet or reply!)
  • Share your thoughts on current viral news – black and blue, or gold and white? 😉
  • Live-tweet an event specific to your niche (ex: if you’re a fashion blogger, live-tweet the red carpet at the Oscars)
  • Share some goals you’re working towards for the day/week/month
  • Vent a little! Share your troubles with your followers – it will remind them that you’re a regular person, and make you more relatable
  • Tweet something funny, whether it be a joke, a meme, or just your own witty observation
  • Share something you’ve recently learned, or a tip to improve someone’s day
  • Shoutout other bloggers and people on Twitter that you think your followers should check out
  • Periodically send out a tweet thanking everyone for following your account, and let your them know how much you appreciate their support
  • What kind of tweets have been the most effective for growing your Twitter following?


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