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14 Free Fonts for Bloggers + Designers

I am such a sucker for pretty fonts. Collecting them is a bit of a hobby for me, and it takes all of my willpower not to use 50 different fonts here on AGO. (Can you imagine? It would be a nightmare on the eyes.)

Since several of you lovely readers are also bloggers yourselves, I thought I would share some of my favorite font finds for you to use on your blogs if you’d like. Any of these would look great in blog designs or on photos, and guess what? They’re all free! 🙂

Playfair Display | Sweet Pea | Market Deco | Neo Retro Fill | Gardenia | Laser Metal | Arvo

Josefin Sans | Futura Medium | DK Innuendo | Parisienne | Contribute | Bebas Neue | Ballerina Script

Are you a font collector too? Which one of these fonts do you like the best? (My favorite is Sweet Pea.)


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