ASOS Spring Wish List

ASOS Spring Wish List | A Girl, Obsesseda bit of a problem with hoarding clothing and whatnot, so I have become much more intentional with the things I consider purchasing (you can imagine how thrilled my wallet is). No more impulse buys in the sale section – I now just look for a few well thought out, quality pieces that will improve upon my current wardrobe. I’ve found some real lovelies from ASOS for Spring, and I thought I’d share them with you all today.

First, I have to say that the ASOS website is just massive. They have so many items to look through, I don’t think I could ever get throughout their entire inventory. This time around, I found two articles of clothing that I’m absolutely smitten with. This Black T-Shirt Dress ($27) is so cute and I love the cutout shoulders. I think it’s a great casual option for spring and summer. You could really style it so many different ways. I’ve also got my eyes (and heart) set on this Milk & Cookies T-Shirt ($29). Isn’t it so adorable? I love graphic tees, especially ones with silly sayings.

For shoes, I’ve been really drawn to the color black lately. It’s just such an easy color to accessorize with because it can literally be worn with anything. So, it’s no surprise that I found a couple pairs of black shoes that I’m over the moon for. These New Balance 410 Sneakers ($108) are seriously a must-have, I don’t know why I haven’t invested in a pair yet. I like that they’re chic enough to be worn with a non-gym outfit and still comfortable at the same time. And then there’s these New Look Jurassic Gladiator Shoes ($35) that I’m totally loving the look of. They look similar to wooden clogs, but sleeker and edgier. I think they’d look killer paired with some black leggings.
ASOS always has the best bag selection, and they definitely did not disappoint this time. I found this Leather Shopper Bag ($57) and I’d like it right this moment thankyouverymuch. You really can’t go wrong with an oversize bag in a neutral color; they work for every occasion. Sometimes I like to carry something a bit smaller and more compact though, so the Oasis Poppy Leather Clutch ($72) would definitely be a practical choice. I like that it’s a clutch but isn’t too small – I still need to be able to carry my essentials, even with a smaller bag. And look at that color! #swoon
Lastly, I couldn’t leave the site without checking the sunglasses first. What can I say? I like my shades. The Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses ($22) are the ones I totally wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. I like that they’re a good mix of retro and modern, without being too gaudy or costume-y. They’re classy and kind of badass. ^_^

What do you think of these picks? Which one is your favorite?


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