After Shower Favorites

After Shower FavoritesVitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet ($23), a product that you guys have probably seen me mention a few times before. Nothing has changed about my love for this moisturizer. It works beautifully at hydrating my skin, while also brightening and refreshing.

For a body moisturizer, I’ve been loving the body lotions from Bath & Body Works. They come in so many lovely scents and the formula really soaks into the skin without feeling greasy. It’s a lightweight lotion, so it works really well during the day as it isn’t too heavy or thick. The scent I like to use when I get out of the shower is Warm Vanilla Sugar ($12.50) – it’s a nice neutral scent that I think works well with every season, plus it just smells so freaking good!
I also have to make sure to look after my hands and feet so that they stay soft. For my feet, I have been loving the Hemp Foot Protector ($18) from The Body Shop. I’m not too keen on the scent, but the product works so well at conditioning my feet that I don’t mind so much. For hands, I am obsessed with the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment ($17). It’s so incredibly nourishing for the skin, and my cuticles and nails always feel healthier after using it. Also, bonus points for yet another non-greasy, fast-absorbing moisturizer. 🙂

What products are your favorites for after a shower?


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