A Budget Duo For Soft Lips

A Budget Duo For Soft Lips | A Girl, Obsessed
The first product is one I’ve mentioned a few times before (I’ve even written a review about them here), and it’s the Lush Lip Scrubs. I think it is absolutely crucial to use a lip scrub regularly to remove the dry, dead skin and allow new skin to come through. Right now I’m using the Popcorn Lip Scrub ($9.95) and absolutely love it. The salty-caramelly-sweet taste/scent adds a nice warmth for the season, plus it’s a fantastic scrub all around. If you don’t want to spend money on a lip scrub though, you can always use regular brown sugar instead (just apply some balm first so the sugar has something to stick to). 
After scrubbing my lips, I like to apply the Nivea A Kiss Of Smoothness Lip Balm ($2.47). I’ve used a few of the “A kiss of…” lip balms and they’re all fantastic, but I’ve really been loving the Smoothness formula because it’s light and not greasy at all, and actually makes your lips feel incredibly smooth. It’s also super hydrating with aloe and shea butter, and is SPF 15 which is super important (even in winter).

What products do you like to use for soft lips?


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