5 Things I’ve Learned From Twitter Chats

5 Things I've Learned From Twitter Chats | A Girl, Obsessed#ellechat and #jennypurrchat – both directed at bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I jumped into my first chat without really knowing how they worked and learned as I went along. Both chats were incredible, so I thought I’d share 5 things I’ve learned from participating in them to help anyone else curious about taking part in one.

1. It’s a great place to network and make new friends. I have met so many awesome bloggers and fellow creatives through Twitter chats. There are all sorts of like-minded individuals involved, from small business owners and independent designers to bloggers and freelance writers. Usually at the beginning of a chat the host will invite everyone to introduce themselves to the group, which is the perfect time to share a link to your site for people to check out if they are interested.
2. You will learn invaluable business tips and tricks. Last night during an #ellechat session, I learned more useful information about content marketing than I’ve ever read in an article or blog post. The awesome thing about a chat is that you’re getting tips and ideas from several different sources all at one time instead of having to skim through article after article about the topic. Nothing is more helpful than getting actual tried-and-tested advice from other people in your community.
3. You have a platform to help others in your niche. One thing I absolutely loved about participating in both chats was that I got to share my own tips and stories – what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. It’s a great way to “pay it forward” and help other bloggers and creatives. You never know how encouraging your story might be to someone else just starting out.
4. They’re a huge source of inspiration and motivation. Before both chats, I had been feeling a little burnt out and in need of fresh inspiration. No sooner had the chats started, and I felt alive with creativity. There is just this crazy energy that comes with chatting with other like-minded individuals for an hour – you’re able to bounce ideas and helpful tips off each other and it’s the coolest thing to be a part of. Coming away from both chats, I felt refreshed and excited to dive back into my blog and kick ass.
5. They make you look at your blog in a whole new way. The hosts of Twitter chats will ask a series of different questions (usually every 5-15 minutes) about the topic of the night. These questions, for me, have really made me take a look at my blog and decide certain things about it. Who am I writing for? What is my message? What does my content aim to provide? It’s one thing to just kind of do your own thing in your head, but it becomes so much more tangible and real when you voice it to your peers.
There will be another #jennypurrchat on March 25th from 9pm-10pm GMT, and the next #ellechat will be March 26th at 8pm EST (and it’s about Instagram for business & blogging – I’m super excited!). I encourage anyone interested to join in! I’ll be there along with a bunch of other awesome creatives, and I promise you’ll have a lot of fun. 🙂

Have you participated in a Twitter chat before?


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