Things I’ve learned in my first year of writing AGO

Things I've learned in my first year of writing AGO | A Girl, Obsessed
In all of the excitement of getting the house ready for my gramma to come visit, I completely forgot about the one year anniversary of this little blog! January 29th was the special day, and I can’t believe that it’s already been one year for AGO. To see where this blog started, and how it’s grown and changed over the past year is very exciting and humbling at the same time. I feel extremely honored that there are people (you lovelies!) who enjoy reading my blog every day. It’s just incredibly cool. 🙂

This has been a year full of growth, changes, and trying new things, and I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned while writing AGO.
  • It’s okay to be experimental and try a bunch of new things.
  • It’s also okay to fail at said things and to try again.
  • New beginnings can be the best thing for you.
  • Trust in yourself and what you know.
  • If you’re passionate about something, take the initiative to study it further and learn to get better.
  • Take what you do seriously, always. No one else will until you do.
  • There is a balance between quality and quantity, and it is possible to find it.
  • Never apologize for who you are. Own it. If people don’t like you, that’s their problem.
  • Work hard, and when you think you’ve worked enough, work some more.
  • Keep a notebook handy at all times, and write down every idea.
  • Change, and change again, until you are 100% happy with who you are.
  • As a blogger, being completely proud of what you’ve written is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • Those random bursts of inspiration are when you’ll do your best work. Focus on them.
  • Creating real friendships with the people that read your blog is important, and once of the best parts of the whole experience.
  • It’s okay to be vulnerable and honest – you’re never going through anything alone.
  • If you can look back and laugh at yourself, you’re doing alright. 🙂
  • You’ll do your best work when you’re doing what you love. Drop the things that don’t inspire you and focus on what makes you happy.
  • Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.
  • Kill ’em with kindness.
  • To find out who you are, you’ve got to let go of all the excess.
  • Some things don’t need to be shared with social media. Keep some little moments for yourself.
  • Never stop working hard for what you want in life.
  • Remember to keep your eyes in your own lane, you don’t need to compare yourself to others.
  • Above all else, make sure you love what you’re doing and that it challenges you and makes you happy.

I hope what I’ve learned so far can be helpful to those of you that might be new to blogging (and even to you blog pros out there). What have you learned from your blog experience?

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