Easy Makeup Removal

Easy Makeup Removal | A Girl, ObsessedBioderma Crealine Solution on a cotton pad to take off all of my eye makeup. I’ve written a whole post about why I love this stuff, but in short – it removes all makeup (including waterproof) wicked fast, and is gentle enough to be used when wearing contacts. I technically could use this to remove all of my makeup, but since it’s a bit pricey I like to reserve it for my eyes only in an attempt to make it last longer.

Once my eyes are done, I use the Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes to remove the rest of the makeup from my face. These face wipes are the best I’ve ever tried – they remove makeup and cleanse at the same time, are gentle enough for my dry/sensitive skin, and the wipe has a bumpy texture so it gently exfoliates as well. I’m able to get all of my makeup off with one wipe (they’re super saturated but not dripping wet), and they smell lovely too. A product I will definitely buy again and again.
And that’s it! I have freshly cleaned skin in less than 5 minutes, and am ready to fall into bed and dream of which new lip color I want to try. 😉

What products do you use to remove your makeup fast?


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