A few blogs I’m currently loving

A few blogs I'm currently loving | A Girl, ObsessedLink Love roundups, but today I thought I’d share a few blogs that I’ve recently discovered and have been seriously loving (you can see my finally updated list of daily reads here).

Un-Fancy is a blog that I felt an immediate connection to as soon as I saw it. Caroline has fantastic style, and she showcases it in her daily outfits and minimalist wardrobe. She’s actually the one that has inspired me to create my own capsule wardrobe, something that I’m SUPER excited to get started on.
I very recently stumbled upon The Sunday Chapter thanks to Bloglovin’s recommended page. Angela has a beautiful blog where she shares incredibly insightful lifestyle and beauty posts. (Spoiler alert: this girl is the queen of helpful list posts. ^_^)
Grace’s blog No. 21 is one of those blogs that when you first see it, you can’t help but spend at least an hour looking through post after post because the whole blog is just so gorgeous. Grace has a style that just steals my heart, and she shares really great posts with beautiful photos.
The Guilty Girl is another read that is pretty recent, but I already know that I’m going to be a long-time reader. Tami is just the cutest ever, and I really love watching her youtube videos (she’s made me miss filming so badly).
Kristy’s blog Behind These Closed Eyes is just absolutely gorgeous. Her photography is beautiful, and I love reading her thoughts on different products. I feel like we’re kindred spirits when it comes to beauty blogging.
And finally, Bed In The Kitchen is one that I have to recommend to anyone who loves a good beauty blog. Jaye shares reviews and tips on all things beauty-related, ranging from drugstore essentials to high-end favorites. I really adore her style and think her blog photos are just lovely.

I’d love to know which blogs you’ve been loving lately. 🙂


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