The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil Collection

The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Collection | A Girl, ObsessedWild Argan Oil products, so I had to pick some up because I absolutely adore anything made with argan oil. They have a good mix of products in this collection but I only wanted to buy the ones I knew I would use a lot, so I picked up the body lotion, the radiant oil for hair & body, and a mini body butter.

The first thing I have to talk about is the scent. It’s glorious – a rich, luxurious scent that I really like. It’s not overpowering or perfume-y, and I find it to be really calming right before bed. The Wild Argan Oil body butter is really nice. Quality-wise, it’s just as creamy and moisturizing as the rest of the TBS body butters. I’ve been using this when I get out of the shower to help lock in moisture and make my skin really soft.

Sometimes the body butter can be a little heavy, especially on days when it’s warmer or when my skin isn’t very dry, so I also bought a bottle of the Wild Argan Oil body lotion. This is the first body lotion that I’ve tried from TBS, and I have to say I’m really impressed with it. I always get a little nervous trying a new lotion because so many I’ve tried in the past have been greasy, but this one absorbs so quickly and makes my skin feel really smooth. I’ve been using this for my hands and arms and before bed, and I’m so glad I picked it up.

The last thing I picked up was the Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil For Hair & Body. Now, here’s the thing with this product – I’ve really liked it so far, but it is so messy. I thought maybe my bottle (it’s a spray bottle) was damaged during shipping, but after talking to one of my readers I learned that this is how all of the TBS spray oils are. So, if you don’t mind dealing with a bit of a mess, you’d probably like this oil. It’s not greasy and absorbs rather quickly, and my legs have been looking particularly summer-ready since using this. 🙂

Have you tried any of the Wild Argan Oil products yet? What are your thoughts?


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