My Goals For 2015

<img alt="My Goals For 2015 | A Girl, Obsessed" border="0" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57bb93e3e6f2e1aba1300a81/t/57c8f92b8748e37b2e0d8e15/1472794345105//img.png we'll have some goals in common! 🙂

Find my tribe This isn’t a year goal so much as a life goal, but I wanted to include it since I’d like for it to be one of my main focuses in 2015. I want to find my tribe. My people. The best friends I’ve always hoped for, whether they’re living here in Springfield or are online.
Use my planner every day I would really like 2015 to be a year of staying organized and on track.
Start walking I invested in some really good workout apparel and I’m going to start taking regular walks, working my way up to jogging and running. Once I’ve become a regular at running, I’ll be ready for my next goal……
Enter a Color Run Every year I’ve wanted to participate in The Color Run, and every year I let the opportunity pass me by. Well, this year all of that changes. 🙂
Keep a gratitude journal Keeping a journal of all of the things I’m thankful for every day is something that I’m really passionate about. I did it for a couple months last year, and I noticed how much more positive I became. It was so easy to be overjoyed when I was constantly being mindful of the things in my day-to-day life that I was grateful for. This year I’ve decided to keep a gratitude journal for the entire year – I downloaded the Grid Diary app on my phone to keep track of what I’m thankful for every day.
Try something new This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’d like to try something new this year, whether it be a craft, recipe, experience, hobby, etc.
Eat plants every day No, I’m not talking about a fern or house plant, I’m talking about fresh vegetables and fruits. Like most people, I let the holiday season be a time of indulgence, but now I’d like to get a firmer grasp on my health and what I’m putting in my body. My goal is to eat as many greens as possible each day, and stick more to fresh and organic when I can.
Blog every day during the week This is a goal that I’m going to work really hard to achieve. I’m setting a strict posting schedule, and the weekends can be taken off if I feel I need the break but Monday through Friday are must-post days.
Reach 10,000 Bloglovin’ subscribers I feel like I’m really dreaming big with this goal, but it’s one that I would be absolutely over the moon to achieve. We just reached 4,000 subscribers yesterday, so I feel like if I keep working hard at creating quality content and posting regularly, this is a goal that can definitely be reached.
I’d love to know what your goals are for 2015, let me know in the comments below!

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