Link Love #3

Link Love #3 | A Girl, Obsessedon fake followers, and why just because you can purchase them doesn’t mean you should (can you believe this is a thing?).
Jen recently shared this 5 Step Beauty Cleanse over on ALO and it’s made me so excited to do a little cleaning out of my own.
If you’re looking for a positive start to your 2015, this post on creating a routine of happiness by Kathryn is a must read.
I’ve really been working on perfecting my photography style and creating my own look, and this post about the importance of white space has really inspired me to challenge myself and add more simplicity and clean space in my photos.
One of my goals for the year (that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet) is that I want to be more responsible with my money and stop spending so much. I’m a classic emotional shopper and love the little “high” I get from buying something new, but it’s way past the time I grew up and became a responsible adult with my finances. Two posts that have been super helpful with this goal are this post by Jen and this post by Rebecca.
Grace shared a post on blogging criteria, and I completely agree with everything she said. If you’re looking for ways to improve your blog, definitely read this post.
Oh, and speaking of improving blogs – here’s the secret to a successful blog.
My friend Zie launched her first online magazine, Clever Darling, and ohmygosh it’s the prettiest thing EVER. Go read. Now. ^_^
If you feel like you’re in a bit of a blogging rut or are looking for a way to make your blog stand out from the rest, here are 10 different ways to vary your blog content.
Suzie wrote a really inspiring post about body bashing, and every girl needs to stop what she’s doing and go read it right now.
Have you read any awesome posts recently? Get to sharing those links down below! 🙂


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