It’s my birthday!

Guys. You guys. I’m 26 today. It’s my birthday! Whaaaa?? ^_^ I’ve been so excited for today! I love celebrating birthdays…even if it means I’m getting older, it’s still fun to celebrate the joys of life and all of the things I’ve accomplished over the past year. Looking back, I am in such a different place today than I was a year ago. I grew up and changed a lot during my 25th year, and I am looking forward to so much more in my 26th!

Today, I’m indulging in all of my favorite things – shopping, video games, chinese food, and possibly a cookie cake. Then I’m ending the night with some much needed pampering and reality tv. The best way to spend the day, if you ask me. 🙂
As a birthday gift to myself, I’d like to ask all of you to consider donating whatever you can to the Best Friends Animal Society today. They’re a charity that works towards saving and rescuing animals that are killed in shelters (you can read more about their No Kill Mission here). As most of you know, I’m a huge animal lover, and it breaks my heart to know that nearly 4 million abandoned pets are killed each year. Most of these animals have never done anything wrong and are being left to die alone in shelters. These animals are helpless and I believe it’s our responsibility to save them. Best Friends is a charity that I’ve been donating to for the past year, and I’d like to ask each of you to donate whatever you can with me today. Even if you can only donate $1, if each of my readers did that then that’d be over $4,000 donated, which would be so amazing! You can donate online here through their site (no money will be coming my way, it all goes directly to BFAS).

Thank you so much to everyone that donates today or spreads the word – your help and generosity really means the world to these animals. I love you guys so much! 🙂


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