Fashion resolutions for 2015

Fashion Resolutions for 2015 | A Girl, Obsessed25 Fashion Blog Post Ideas article, and ever since then I have been obsessed with creating my own. I’m not sure if I’m going to do a seasonal one (for say, spring or summer) or if I’m going to put one together to last me the entire year. Either way, expect a more in-depth post about this little experiment soon! 🙂
Experiment with layering I really love the way Caroline from Unfancy layers her outfits – she doesn’t go overboard, but the little bit of layering that she does always looks so effortless and chic. I want to experiment more with layering the same pieces to create new looks (this goal goes hand-in-hand with using what I have).
Get rid of all the excess And finally, the goal I’m most excited about – getting rid of all of the excess. Even though I recently cleaned out my closet and donated and sold a bunch of clothing, I still have items left over that have yet to be touched. When I create my capsule wardrobe, anything that doesn’t make it in is going to be donated. And I mean everything. I’m sick of having a wardrobe of clothes that look pretty and would be great for a blog post, but I never truly wear. I want to open my closet doors and only see clothing that I wear often and feel comfortable and cute in.

Have you set any style goals for yourself this year?


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