What’s In My Work Bag?

What's In My Work Bag? | A Girl, Obsessedwhat’s in my bag posts before, but I thought it could be fun to do something a little different and share what’s in my work bag. When I made the decision to come back to blogging, I decided that I would do it with the understanding that this will one day become my career. To do that, I would need to take myself and this space very seriously – it’s not just some side hobby or something I do in my spare time, it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about and I believe it deserves my full time and effort. I felt it was appropriate (and efficient) to create a work bag that I can keep with me at all times – whether I’m working from home or out and about – that could hold all of my work essentials for my blog and channel.

Blogger Work Photography Bag Essentialsa cute Ban.do case) in my bag for quick things like updating social media, answering blog comments, spending hours on Pinterest, etc. It’s much easier to use a tablet for little things like that instead of always having to pull out a big laptop.
I like to keep an assortment of notebooks in my bag for jotting down post ideas and other little bits of business information that need written down. Currently I’m using a pretty floral notebook from Rifle Paper Co, and the cutest little Blog Ideas notebook* from Indie & Co. I also keep my planner from Ban.do in my bag so I can easily plan out future posts and my daily to-do’s. Oh, and there’s usually a little assortment of of pens, sharpies, and highlighters in the bottom of my bag. And my phone too. 🙂
The last thing (not pictured because I’m using it to take these pictures ^_^) is my DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. She’s a big girl, but she takes the most amazing photos. Yes, I’ve given her a gender, but not a name yet…any suggestions?

I’ve definitely become more efficient with my blog work now that I have all of my most used tools easily accessible and in one place. It’s also a lot easier to take this space more seriously now that I’m treating it as my job and am prepared for it every day.
Do you have a work bag? If not, what would you keep in your’s if you had one?

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