Favorite iPhone Apps

<img alt="Favorite iPhone IOS Apps" border="0" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57bb93e3e6f2e1aba1300a81/t/57c8f92f8748e37b2e0d8fff/1472794503251//img.png phone is like my little assistant and I'd be lost without it.

I thought I’d share my favorite apps, the ones I use nearly every single day.

Awesome Note iPhone IOS AppAwesome Note – this is the app where I keep all of my lists – blog post ideas, videos ideas, my shopping list, photo ideas, you name it. The app helps me keep my plans and ideas organized, especially when I don’t have a notebook nearby.

Bloglovin' iPhone IOS AppBloglovin’. I love the app because I’m able to read up on my favorite blogs whenever I’m away from my computer – perfect for those times when I’m waiting around somewhere and need something to do.

Cuptakes iPhone IOS AppCuptakes is the perfect app for just that – it’s full of a bunch of cute, unique wallpapers and lock screens you can use for you phones and tablets. I really love their calendar lock screens and matching wallpapers…to cute!

Instagram iPhone IOS AppInstagram! My day is not complete without checking in a few times a day. It’s usually the first app I check when I wake up and one of the last before I got to bed. You should definitely follow me on Instagram if you’re not already. *nudge nudge* 😉

Pinterest iPhone IOS AppPinterest app. Many hours have gone into pinning decor ideas, beauty tips, inspiring words, and all sorts of pretty things. If I’m ever running low on inspiration, I always pop onto Pinterest for a little bit of a pick-me-up.

She Reads Truth iPhone IOS AppShe Reads Truth is the community that I do my daily bible study with (I’ve written about it more in-depth here). I love the app because not only does it have the lesson plans built in, but it also has a complete Bible built in and you’re able to highlight and save certain passages, which is super helpful during the studies.

Sleep Cycle iPhone IOS AppSleep Cycle has been really helpful. This app monitors your sleep and wakes you up when it registers you at your lowest REM cycle – that way, you wake up feeling refreshed and rested instead of feeling tired and like you barely slept. It even analyzes your sleeping patterns and gives you information on how well you’re sleeping. I’ve been using this app for months and it’s made such a huge difference! I’m becoming a morning person, something I never thought would happen.

Tumblr iPhone IOS AppTumblr. The site I swore I’d never sign up for, and now I’m hopelessly addicted to. Tumblr is like that old high school friend that you can share dirty jokes with and they’ll never judge you. ^_^

Which apps do you use every day?


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