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25 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

So far I’ve shared 50 blog post ideas for blogger’s block and 25 beauty blog post ideas. Today I’ve got another roundup of blog topics, this time for all of you lifestyle bloggers out there! 🙂

25 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

1. Share a “what’s in my bag” post, like your purse, makeup bag, camera bag, etc.

2. Share an easy DIY, maybe something that can be done in an afternoon or over a weekend.

3. If you’re planning on going on a trip or spending the day doing some fun activities, snap a bunch of photos and share them in a journal-style post.

4. Your tips on something you’re passionate about, like blogging, cooking, staying organized, etc.

5. Share some ways that your readers can improve something in their life

6. What’s been inspiring you lately? Share it on your blog!

7. Share the pros and cons of something you’ve tried recently, like a book, household item, or app.

8. If you feel comfortable enough, write about a difficult time in your life and how you overcame it (this can be a great way to help others and give hope to someone else going through the same thing).

9. Share a favorite recipe or drink mix

10. Host a Q&A, or answer a bunch of questions that you get asked all the time

11. Write a letter to your younger self, sharing things you’ve learned and wish you would have known back then.

12. Share your everyday schedule, from waking up and what you do first thing in the morning to getting ready for bed and what your nightly rituals are.

13. Write a post about your weekly/monthly/yearly goals

14. Share your favorite phone or tablet apps (and even let your readers know about ones you don’t like)

15. Write up a how to post about a hobby or craft that you love – make it something fun that your readers can learn from!

16. Share pictures of your work space and some of your daily essentials

17. Let your readers see a different side of you. Share some silly photos from when you were little, tell that super embarrassing work story…just something funny that everyone can have a giggle about while getting to know a little more about you.

18. She the music/movies/books that you’re currently obsessed with

19. Give some advice for other bloggers in your niche

20. Share a tour of your home either in pictures or a video

21. Create an online vision board and describe what each picture/quote means to you

22. Write about your blogging process and how you create your posts

23. Feature a favorite shop or cafe in your city, someplace you love going to

24. Compile a roundup of helpful or interesting posts you’ve read from the week/month

25. Blogs don’t always have to be all sunshine and rainbows! Share a little rant about something that’s been bugging you or an issue you’ve been dealing with. Had a bad day? Talk about it.

I really hope these blogging prompts are helpful for some of you. Do you have any you would add to the list?


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