A Pause

Hello lovelies! Taking a break in the midst of extreme craziness to say that I miss you all! I’ve been pretty absent from the online world for the past few days. My gramma is visiting for a couple weeks, so we’ve been cleaning and reorganizing like crazy in preparation for her arrival. We also decided to break the rules and decorate for Christmas early, so that’s taken a bit of time too (don’t hate, it’s never too early for Christmas…I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a week straight and am feeling so festive I could burst).

If I see one more dust rag or Swiffer I’m going to scream, but the house looks impeccable. I spent the past couple days completely scouring my room and getting rid of anything I didn’t absolutely need. For some reason, I constantly have a problem accumulating too much stuff. I say this sarcastically, I know I have a bit of a shopping obsession, haha. I’ve always been one to jump on a bargain or sale, trying to get as much for my money as possible. Although my intentions were good, this has resulted in me owning just waaay too much stuff. Going through all of my things and downsizing to just the essentials has helped me fully get a grasp on just how much I tend to over-shop. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean I need it. ^_^ My favorite part is that I get to donate all of my extra things to people that really need them. It makes me feel so good to be able to help out someone else and give back to my community.

As I’ve been studying my Bible the past few weeks, God has really been speaking to my heart the need to live a more simple, uncluttered life. Two of my favorite words from the Bible are “Be still” – such simple words but to me they speak volumes. I envision stillness and simplicity, a beautiful minimalism that takes the focus off of possessions and puts it instead on people and experiences. I would like to live a more simple and uncluttered life – quality over quantity – something still and calm and peaceful. It’s something I’ve been craving lately, and I’m taking steps to mirror my life and style to these characteristics.

Well, that is enough late-night rambling from me. See what happens when I start blogging when I should be sleeping? Half my heart comes out.

xoxo Mandy
P.S. How cute are those little angels up there? That’s what they do every time someone comes to the door. #meltmyheart

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