3 nail polishes I’m loving right now

L’Oreal’s Eiffel For You is the prettiest griege with just a hint of purple. I love how light and smoky this is, and tend to wear it a lot. I get so excited ever fall because it means I get to wear this again (am I the only one that gets excited about dorky stuff like this?).

The award for craziest color name that I own definitely goes to Wet n Wild’s 2% Milk, one of my favorite nude polishes ever. It’s so light and milky, just like the name implies. I also love how big and flat the brush is. It makes application so much easier!

Essie’s Sole Mate is such a delicious color. It’s dark and moody and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think this is my new favorite polish of the year.

What polishes are you loving right now? Recommend some to me!


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