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25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Earlier this year, I shared 50 blog post ideas for when you’ve got a case of bloggers block. A lot of people have contacted me letting me know how much they loved the post and that it helped them, so I thought I would start sharing more blog post ideas as I think them up. This time around, I thought I’d make the lists themed so that if you blog in a certain genre, you’ll easily be able to find posts that work for you. Today, I’m sharing 25 blog post ideas for beauty bloggers! Here we go!

25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

1. A roundup of products you’ve been loving for the year

2. Your daily makeup routine

3. A makeup wishlist

4. Your makeup picks for recreating a celebrity’s look

5. Your Top 10 lipsticks/eyeshadows/blushes/etc.

6. Review some of your must-have products

7. Review products you regret buying

8. Your morning and/or nighttime routine

9. Share pictures of your entire makeup collections and talk about the products that are your favorite

10. Compare 2 products in your collection that are similar and explain the pros and cons of each (which one is your favorite?)

11. Your makeup tips and advice for beginners

12. Have a makeup horror story? Share it with your readers.

13. A roundup of celebrity makeup looks that have inspired you

14. Review a product you recently purchased

15. Share some of your beauty tips and tricks

16. Take your readers through a tour of your vanity or shower, showing all of the products you use

17. Show what’s in your makeup bag

18. Your holiday/summer/back-to-school makeup picks

19. Share skincare tips for your skin type

20. Show how your makeup/skincare changes between seasons

21. Your daily haircare routine

22. Share a fun hairstyle tutorial

23. Share an easy beauty DIY (especially around the holiday shopping season)

24. Host a giveaway of some of your favorite beauty products for one of your readers to win

25. If you’re subscribed to a beauty box (i.e. Ipsy, Birchbox, etc), film or photograph an unboxing and show what you got for the month

I hope these post ideas are helpful to any of you beauty bloggers out there! If you have any additional ideas for posts, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 🙂


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