Time for a change

Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, this place looks quite a bit different. One of my curses (or maybe blessings?) is that I don’t like things to look the same for too long. I’ve never had a blog design that I’ve been able to keep for more than a few months…I just get bored and want a fresh look. Especially with this last one, I got tired of it a lot quicker than I thought I would, and I think that lent a hand in me feeling so unmotivated to blog lately. So, on a total spur-of-the-moment decision to change everything up, I gave my blog a complete makeover.

The lovely Maira Gall designed my blog this time around. Normally I do my own layouts, but this time I wanted to free myself of the headache and pass the reins on to someone far more experienced than myself. Maira’s blog designs are beautifully styled, and she puts a lot of technical work into each design. I’ve said this with each of my past designs, but this really is my favorite ever. I love how clean and simple the whole layout is, with my photography being the focus. It’s now easier to see more posts without having to scroll down a ton, the overall look is more streamlined, and I feel like my blog stands out now instead of looking like every other Blogger/Blogspot blog.

A few changes…
– At this time, I will no longer be offering sponsor ads. This is a decision that I put a lot of thought into, and I’d like to get back to blogging for myself instead of feeling pressured to blog every day because I’ve got people that paid to be on my blog. I just hated feeling like I was letting people down when I missed a few days here and there. I want to thank everyone that has sponsored my blog over the years, you all have been such a huge help in supporting me and I’ve very thankful to have worked with you.
– I’ve gotten rid of the Google Friend Connect box, and will now be solely using Bloglovin‘ as a way to subscribe to my blog. If you don’t use Bloglovin‘ already, I highly suggest you check it out. You can subscribe to all of your favorite blogs, and get emails every time they post something new. It’s my favorite way to stay caught up with all of my favorite blogs!
– I am now accepting contributors! If you have a post you’d like to share here on Mandy Leigh (like a DIY, tutorial, style post, etc), feel free to send it in for review! I’ll read through every submitted post and, as long as they follow the photo size requirements and fit in with the ethos of the blog, share them here as a permanent blog post for all of my readers to enjoy. Check the drop down menu at the top of my blog in the next few days for more information on how you can get involved!

I’ll be making a few tiny changes here and there for the next few days, but this is the new face of the ML blog. What do you think? I hope you all love it as much as I do! xoxo Mandy

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