Inspiration + Encouragement

When I was a teenager, I used to cut out words and phrases from magazines to create collages. I’d cut out anything that inspired or encouraged me, or I’d create little poems of my own. These collages covered my bedroom walls during my angst teenage years (I confess, I might have been one of those emo teens, haha).

While I’ve given up the clippings and collages, I still have an obsession with saving inspirational quotes thanks to Pinterest. I have a board titled “Words”, and that’s where I pin all of my favorite sayings. I thought it would be fun to share a collage of them with you today, to uplift anyone needing a bit of encouragement. I could probably make like 20 more of these collages, but I think that’d be a bit much. 😉
What phrases or sayings to you turn to for inspiration? Are you a quote-pinning Pinterest fanatic like myself? xo, Mandy

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