Essie Winter 2014 Collection

Ommorphia Beauty Bar)

Essie’s seasonal collections always steal my heart. Their Fall 2014 Collection was stunning – I picked up Dressed To Kilt and Style Cartel and am IN LOVE. Their newest collection, which just came out a few days ago, is definitely one of my favorite’s that they’ve released.

(images via The Silver Nail)
I’ve read quite a few reviews bashing the color choices for this collection, but I have to say that the colors are what I love the most! You’ve got a gorgeous marshmallow-y white for snowy days, a shimmery metallic gold for the holidays, and pretty berries and blushes for cold noses and flushed cheeks. I love that this isn’t your typical “dark shades and Christmas colors” collection that gets regurgitated every winter. This is something new and fresh, and I love it! ^_^
I’m trying to decide which colors I should get…..which ones are your favorite? xoxo Mandy

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