Autumn Woodland Wishlist

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Autumn is my favorite time of the year for fashion (hence the rather large wishlist for this month, haha). I like that the colors are usually more muted and can be mixed easier, plus you can layer pieces like crazy thanks to the chilly fall weather. Autumn is when I break out all of my tights, cardigans, plaid shirts, and snuggly sweaters. 

My go-to style for the season is definitely woodland-inspired and a little folky. Anything with forest animals, polka dots, knits, plaids, lace, or florals steals my heart. This month’s wishlist is heavily inspired by my love for these fall styles. There are times where I wish it would just be fall all year long because the clothes we get to wear are just so darn cute. ^_^
What style do you love to rock in the fall? Which season is your favorite for fashion? xoxo Mandy

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