Pumpkin Spice Wishlist

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Hi friends! I’m back! Last week was a lovely break, but I am so glad to be back to work here on my blog. I’ve missed y’all! 🙂 Autumn has arrived here in the midwest, and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve had the windows open every day for the past week to let in the cool fall air. It’s been lovely! I’ve been living in plaid button downs and leggings, and watching scary movies late at night. I love this time of year!
Since September has become the “Pumpkin Spice” month thanks to the internet and Starbucks, I thought I would use that as my inspiration for this month’s wishlist. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for clothes and fashion in general, and I’ve been hardcore crushing on some pretty things from Modcloth (this post isn’t sponsored by them, I just kind of have an obsession ^_^). My favorite look for fall is definitely layered clothing + modern victorian chic styles. It probably seems grandma-ish, but that’s okay, I think is cute. 🙂 Layers are my favorite way to stay warm in the cooler weather, and I really love the look of rustic fashion. It’s the best for this season!
What are your favorites styles for autumn? xoxo Mandy

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