My Everyday Brushes

the 10 makeup brushes that every gal needs, and I thought I would share which brushes I use every day. I have a decent collection of makeup brushes, but of course I don’t need to use all of them every single day. Over the past year I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of brushes that are a must for my daily routine.

When it comes to my everyday makeup routine, I just need 6 brushes – 3 for eyes and 3 for face. For my eye makeup, I use a fluffy shader brush to pack shadow onto my lids, a contour brush (also called a crease brush) to contour and add definition, and a fluffy blending brush to blend everything together and blur out any harsh lines. For my face, I use a small setting brush to set wherever I’ve applied concealer, a blush brush for (you guessed it) blush, and a fluffy face brush to apply any powders like bronzer or matte powder.
These 6 brushes are my must-haves for daily makeup application. They’re all really great quality and I’m happy with how well they work. What makeup brushes do you use every day? xoxo Mandy


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