An unplanned sample collection

Y’all know I love shopping for makeup and beauty products, and the result of this (besides my heart-broken wallet) is an ever-growing collection of samples – I even have a drawer in my muji case reserved strictly for these little packets and tubes. I’m a big fan of samples because I get to try out new products and brands. The only problem with this unplanned collection is that it’s starting to pile up and I keep forgetting to go through it regularly and use up the samples.

I love getting makeup and beauty samples that are deluxe- and travel-sized. The ones that come in little pots, tubes, and jars are my favorite. Some of the samples, though, are either in little packets or they’re such a small amount that it’s almost not worth it to mess with them. The thought of tossing them in the trash feels so wasteful to me though…is it? Or am I just being a beauty hoarder?

I’m thinking maybe the problem is that I need to use samples as soon as I get them instead of putting them in a drawer and waiting for the “right time” to use them. What are your thoughts on beauty samples? Do you ever use them or do you tend to throw them away? xoxo Mandy


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