The Unmentionables

Ever since becoming a beauty blogger, I’ve noticed that when it comes to featuring favorite products and most-used items, certain things tend to get left out. I like to call them The Unmentionables (like a superhero gang, no?) – you know, those products that are essential to our daily hygiene, but we never really talk about them for fear of embarrassment or people thinking we’re weird for needing to deal with certain body issues. Well, today I’m going to step out and share my unmentionable products because maybe some of you have similar hygiene needs…or maybe some of you are just morbidly curious. Either way, here you go. 😉

Being Italian and a brunette, my arm and leg hair, as well as some areas of my face with thicker peach fuzz, is quite dark. Left unattended, my upper lip area can grow a ‘stache to rival that of a young teenage boy’s. I also have a couple areas under my chin that have dark, thicker hairs, and my arms from the elbows to the wrists are a bit hairier than most gals. To combat these hairy areas and to keep myself from looking like a wooly mammoth, I’ve created a little hair removal routine. I use the Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips for my upper lip and under chin areas, and then I use the Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover to get rid of the hair on my arms. For my legs, I use the EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bean and whatever razor I’ve recently picked up from the store.

When it comes to feet, I try to take care of mine as much as I can because I’m barefoot 99% of the time which can cause them to become dry and cracked easily. I’m using the Hemp Foot Protector from The Body Shop as a nightly cream for my feet, and in the shower I always make sure to scrub them with the pumice from The Body Shop. To combat body odor and sweat, I like using the PH-balanced deodorants from Secret (currently using and loving the Spring Breeze scent). They work well at keeping me smelling fresh and keeping the pits dry. That last sentence was probably the weirdest one I’ve ever written on my blog. ^_^ My teeth, sadly, are a bit stained from years of consuming way too many teas, coffees, and dark sodas. I’m currently using the new Crest 3D White Brilliance toothpaste and I’m really loving the results I’m getting. My teeth are becoming whiter ever day and I feel way more confident when smiling now.

I’d love to hear what your unmentionables are. If you feel inspired, write up a post on your blog about your unmentionable products and leave a link to it here so I can check it out and send you some love! xoxo Mandy


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