New Camera!

Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably already seen that I got a new camera. I sold my Canon Rebel XS at the beginning of the year because I wasn’t really using it, but now that I’m blogging again it became apparent how much I missed using a DSLR. The little point-and-shoot I was using was working okay, but my photos were missing that quality and sharpness that a professional camera provides. I’d been saving up to purchase a Canon Rebel T3i and the lenses I needed, and my incredible parents were generous enough to surprise me with a loan for the remainder of the money I needed and picked the camera up over the weekend for me when I wasn’t expecting it. There were definitely tears that morning. ^_^

I’m so happy to have this camera sooner than expected because now I can provide better quality photos and videos for you guys! Yep, that’s right…this little baby films killer HD videos! I can’t wait to film with it this weekend and play around with all of the new settings available to me. Over the past couple days I’ve been taking a bunch of different shots, and when I looked through them afterwards I thought some of them would be fun to share here as kind of random, silly “daily life” photos. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

This was really fun to share, and I’m sure now that I have a better camera I’ll be sharing more little moments from my everyday life with y’all. If you have any requests for posts or videos using this new camera, definitely let me know and I’ll add your suggestions to my list of ideas. xo! Mandy

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