My 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

recently shared a few of her’s and I had to steal her idea ^_^). These are all instagramers that I kind of obsess over and look forward to seeing their pictures daily. I definitely recommend you follow them too!

@thetiffanypratt – Tiffany is my soul mate. This girl’s eye for design and love for bright colors is fantastic, and she has the prettiest hair in the world.
@ks_saturday – Kate Spade Saturday is one of my favorite brands, and I love seeing their inspiring photos pop up in my feed. If I was an instagram account, @ks_saturday would be my BFF.
@TheGigiGorgeous – Gigi is a glam princess and I am obsessed with her feed. Every photo she shares is so sassy and fun. Plus, she also has two super cute yorkie babies.
@vickymanzhosov – Vicky is one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and her instagram is full of adorable outfits and cute lifestyle shots. I always love seeing which accessories she’s using because she finds the cutest ones.
@gbbygmzz – I love Gabby’s photography style and the way she captures little details in her day-to-day life. I think if we knew each other in real life we’d be really great friends. 🙂
@glitterguide – I love the Glitter Guide! It’s one of my favorite sites to check out. Their instagram is filled with dreamy photos and pretty lifestyle shots.
@lostinthehazeblog – Jo is not only one of my favorite bloggers, but she’s also one of my favorite people in general. She’s such a sweet gal, and I love seeing what outfits she’s wearing and what adventures she’s having. 🙂
@ziedarling – Zie is my blogging BFF (even if she doesn’t know it, haha!). I adore this girl, and love seeing what all she’s up to every day.
@milkbubbleteablog – Becky is such a a sweet spirit. Her feed is a pastel wonderland full of fairy colors, lots of light, and the cutest little sausage dog you’ll ever see.
@studiodiy – If you’re looking for a feed full of super unique DIYs and photos that make you want to throw a party, then follow Studio DIY. Oh yeah, and did I mention donuts? ^_^
I’d love for y’all to recommend your favorite instagramers so I can check them out, and feel free to share links to your own feeds as well. And if you’d like, you can follow my Instagram here. xo! Mandy

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