Mario Badescu Silver Powder || Review

I started off by following the instructions perfectly. It says to dip a water-dampened cotton ball into the powder and to then press it onto your nose (or chin, cheeks, etc). When I did this, it just made a powdery, clumpy layer of product over my nose. I kept with the instructions though, and after 10 minutes I wiped it off with my toner. I checked my nose, and while I did see some improvements, it definitely was not what I was hoping for.

Feeling a bit discouraged (I was REALLY excited when I found out about this product), I took to Google and looked up some other reviews. I found this one and decided to give it another shot, but this time using a completely soaked cotton swab instead. I immediately noticed a difference. With more water involved, the powder turned into a paste that I was easily able to spread around my nose using the cotton swab. Now that it was a paste, I could fully cover the pores on my nose, and after 10 minutes I wiped it off (again, with toner) to see visibly clearer and smaller pores!

Yep, that’s my “before” nose. Nasty, right? I’ve dealt with huge pores and blackheads on my nose ever since middle school, and nothing I’d tried worked at clearing them…until now. ^_^
Did this powder remove every single blackhead? No, but it got rid of so many after 1 use (or technically 2-ish) that I’m beyond happy with the results. My nose isn’t as dark, those annoying dark dots are practically gone, and my nose is so much smoother. I have a feeling that my nose will look better and better every time I use it. This definitely gets a A+ in my book, and it was such a quick and easy fix…way more fun than nose strips, for sure!
I hope this review was helpful to those of you interested in this silver powder or looking for a pre-clearing product. If you have any questions, ask away! xo, Mandy
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