Last Year’s Summer Dress

Modcloth last year and planned on sharing it in an outfit post during the summer but never got a chance due to the Great Scandal of 2013 resulting in me taking a break from blogging. A year later and I’m back doing my thing and ready to show off this dress, which is probably the cutest item of clothing I own. It’s so flouncy and twirly, but super light so it’s great for this heat wave we’re dealing with here in the midwest. Because the dress has so many patterns and textures (do you see the floral print and ruffles?! #swoon), I decided to pair it with very simple accessories. My nude pump heels are a favorite for fun party dresses, and I had to add my signature bow headband to go with the bow on the dress.

I waited until the evening magic hour so that I could escape the heat play with the lighting in my photos, and my wonderful photographer mom was able to get some pretty kick ass sun flares in a few photos. It’s true what they say about the magic hour…it really is magical. ^_^ xoxo Mandy

Heels | Amazon
Headband | Forever 21
Ring | Swap meet in Las Vegas


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