Gold Dust Woman

I’ve been listening to Fleetwood Mac like crazy lately. They’re one of my dad’s favorite bands, so I grew up listening to them a lot and their music is very nostalgic for me. A few times a year I get into a Fleetwood Mac mode and they’re all I listen to for weeks (currently going on week 3).

This outfit was inspired by the gypsy queen herself, Stevie Nicks. She’s one of my favorite members of the band (along with Lindsey Buckingham). Stevie’s voice is so emotional and moving, and the way she dresses is fantastic. I’ve very inspired by her bohemian style, all of her gypsy scarves and pretty shawls and gauzy dresses are just gorgeous. If I could raid someone’s closet, her’s would definitely be a top pick.

If you could shop a famous person’s closet, who would you pick? xoxo Mandy

Shorts, Top, Lace Shawl || Wet Seal
Shoes c/o Blowfish
Necklace || Ebay

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