Body Modifications: The Quest For The Perfect Body

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I’ve been watching a lot of Botched lately, and it got me thinking about the crazy obsession with having a perfect body. Most people on the show were needing help with surgeries that got totally screwed up (and of course I think that it is their right to do so), but there were a handful of people that had perfectly beautiful bodies and they were wanting to get plastic surgery done to create unrealistic-looking features and modifications.

Now, before continuing with this post, I want to clarify a few things. This is not a post shaming people that have physical deformities and are wanting to get them fixed, nor am I bashing anyone that chooses to do body modifications. I simply want to discuss this topic and maybe get a (polite) conversation going in the comments.

The first thing that really shocked me about this show was that I kept seeing people that wanted to go under the knife for things that could easily be achievable by hard work, like a guy that wanted to get calf and bicep implants to look more chiseled. In my opinion, wouldn’t it be easier/less painful/cheaper just to lift weights several times a week to build and define those muscles naturally? To me, it seems so extreme to turn to surgery to get a desired look instead of just going about it the natural way. I know for some things, like breast implants and facial reconstructive surgery, there’s no amount of work to improve them without having work done, but things like muscle implants or stomach stapling or butt implants seems so crazy to me.
When does the quest for “the perfect body” become too extreme? I understand and respect that it’s a personal decision that usually helps with self-esteem, but I feel like society’s obsession with perfection is becoming increasingly harmful. Some people on the show ended up needing additional reconstructive surgery for work that had been botched. Some of them had to go through horrible pain and emotional battles due to surgeries not going as planned. It broke my heart seeing girls that were absolutely beautiful go through so much pain to try to look “perfect”, a body type that simply does not exist.
My thoughts on this whole topic are sort of mixed because I know how life changing reconstructive surgery can be for someone that has dealt with a physical deformity their whole life, but I keep seeing people that were beautiful to begin with take it too far and end up ruining their bodies with modifications that never fully live up to their expectations.
What are your thoughts on plastic surgeries and body modifications? Have you ever had work done? Do you think some people have taken it too far or do you believe that it’s no one’s business but their own? xo, Mandy

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