Ban.do 17-Month Agenda || Review

Ban.do 17-Month Agenda, so here it is! I’ve been using it for the past week and I have to say that it’s the best planner I’ve ever owned. The overall design of the planner is so cute! Each month has a different illustration (that I’m totally going to cut out and frame once I’m done using this agenda), there is plenty of room on each day for me to jot down my daily to-do lists, and there is a monthly calendar where I plan out my blog posts and videos for the month. There’s also a full page of rad stickers, really cool/random holidays listed throughout the book, and hilarious activity suggestions on the weekends (dye my hair pink? Yes please!).
Here are some peeks of inside the planner…

Sadly, Ban.do is sold out of these agendas until next year, but they have a pretty large list of retailers where you can still purchase them. Have you gotten one yet? Which style did you buy, and what do you think of your’s? xoxo Mandy


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