10 Things Making Me Happy

2. This quote that I found on Pinterest has become my new favorite. It’s my motivation to work hard every day to achieve my dreams.

Jo Tote camera bag again! I missed carrying this bad boy around. It’s the best camera bag I’ve ever used.

5. This little girl is my favorite in the whole world. She hates being alone and likes to cuddle up with me during the day while I’m working. It completely melts my heart every time.

7. Watching the holiday shows on QVC (yes, they’re already showing them) with my family, and picking out a few fun things for the new season. It’s kind of become a little tradition for us, and I really cherish these moments with them. One day I’ll be able to pass these traditions down to my family and tell them stories about how I used to do the same thing with my parents.

9. Finding new poses for selfies. Haha.

10. I’m on a neutral makeup kick. I just cannot get over beiges and muted browns. #obsessed

This month has been so happy! Full of so many good things and I’m glad I get to share them with you guys. What are some things that made you happy this month? xoxo Mandy


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