Things I’ve Learned In My 20s (so far)

I’m only halfway through my twenties, but here are some things I’ve learned so far…

  • It’s okay to change your mind. Change your style. Change your dreams. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or done anything wrong.
  • Hard work and generosity are some of the most important things in life.
  • Do what you love, not what you think you should love.
  • You are truly beautiful, no matter what shape/size/height you are.
  • Some friendships just aren’t meant to last.
  • It’s okay (and possible) to completely start over.
  • Make decisions that make you happy. Don’t worry about pleasing anyone else or fitting into a certain image.
  • Your past does not determine your future.
  • Never apologize for who you are.
  • Sometimes laughter is all that matters.
  • You’re going to make mistakes (and it’s okay that you do), but own up and learn from them.
  • Take time for you. Whatever helps you relax, do it.
  • Enjoy every little moment that makes your heart happy.
  • Always keep an open mind.
  • People change. It’s okay to forgive and start fresh.
  • Never stop learning.
  • You’re worth more than anything in this whole world and you need to act like it.
  • Surround yourself with the people and things that make you happy.
  • Life rarely goes as planned. Enjoy the adventure.

Looking back, these are all things I wish my 18-year-old self would’ve known. She was a very fragile and sensitive girl. My hope is that reading this will encourage my readers, especially the younger ones. You’re all strong and beautiful and fierce. You can be anything you want to be, it’s never too late. Don’t forget that. xo, Mandy


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