Summer Vacation! Road Trip Essentials

<img border="0" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/57bb93e3e6f2e1aba1300a81/t/57c8f93e8748e37b2e0d9476/1472793992211//img.jpg a couple peanut butter cups won't hurt. 😉 7. A body spray. If you’re traveling with a lot of people or traveling for a large amount of time, there’s a chance your vehicle can get a bit of an…odor. It’s nice to have a body spray on hand so everyone can freshen up often. 8. Headphones. For those times when no one can agree on which 90s boy band to listen to. 9. A handheld video game system and your favorite game. This is a great way to make a long car ride go by faster.
Also taking but not seen: A camera, to capture those memorable moments. (I was using mine to take these pictures, haha.)
If you were going on your dream road trip, what would your essentials be? xoxo Mandy

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