Princess Bubblegum

Pink is my favorite color. It’s the color that makes me happiest. When I’m shopping for anything – clothes, makeup, decor, craft supplies, etc – the color that catches my eye first is usually pink. I like to think of pink as my signature color. 🙂

Gigi Gorgeous on Youtube and she suggested the Tarte Amazonian Lipstick in Golden Pink. Figuring one more lipstick couldn’t hurt, I decided to go ahead and try it out……and it was perfect! I was over the moon – finally I’d found the pink lipstick I was looking for. Because it is a warm-toned pink, it compliments my skin and looks fantastic. This is my new favorite lipstick and I have to try really hard to not wear it every day. ^_^

A few of my favorite pink things… peonies, cotton candy, ballet shoes, strawberry milkshakes, sunsets, flamingos, pink lemonade, bubblegum, cherry blossoms, and Barbie, of course. 😉

What would you say is your signature color? xoxo Mandy

Dress/Forever 21 (similar) – Shoes/Urban Outfitters – Bow Headband c/o Modcloth

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