MAC x Marge: The Simpsons Collection

If you’re any sort of makeup fan, then you’ve most likely heard of MAC Cosmetics. I’ve heard so many awesome things about this brand, but sadly have yet to try it…mostly because I have no clue what to try first. An eye shadow? A lipstick? (I don’t know, any of you MAC fanatics out there, feel free to help a girl out.) One thing I know I already love about this brand is that they create some of the coolest collections I’ve ever seen (like the Sharon and Kelly Osbourne collections out right now).

When I first heard that they were doing a 10-piece Marge Collection in honor of the Simpsons 25th anniversary, I was excited but a little wary because all I could think of was cartoon yellow skin and bright blue hair. Luckily, a sneak peek of the collection was released a couple weeks ago and it’s way better than I was thinking. The colors they’ve shown so far look wearable (well, except for that blue eye shadow maybe…unless blue eye shadow becomes a thing again..lol). I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection when it debuts on August 28th (September 4th online), and who knows? Maybe my first MAC purchase will come from this Marge Simpson collab.
Who would you choose (real or cartoon) to inspire a makeup collection? xo, Mandy
P.S. You might have noticed that this is not a video for Monday. And you’re right, it’s not. The weekend flew by and I just did not have time to film a video, BUT! I have a super awesome “things I regret buying” video planned for Thursday. So get excited. 😉


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