Lisa Frank-inspired Wishlist

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Lisa Frank is the first brand I ever became obsessed with. I remember back in 3rd and 4th grade, I started a “Lisa Frank Club” and all of my friends and I would bring our LF accessories to the playground and show them off to each other. My goal was to own everything Lisa Frank made – stationary, school supplies, jewelry, clothing – you name it, I wanted it. I’d plaster my walls with big posters of multicolor ponies and rainbow kitties, things that were so beautiful and magical that I could barely take it all in. I remember thinking (in my very imaginative 10-year-old mind) that if I ever won the lottery, I would pay Lisa Frank to design my dream mansion (which was a princess castle, by the way). 
So, in honor of my first real obsession and greatest childhood memory, I put together a Lisa Frank-inspired wishlist for this month! I tried to find items that I felt perfectly embodied the Lisa Frank brand – bright colors, crazy patterns, cute animals, and of course, unicorns! ^_^
What was your first collection? Are you a Lisa Frank fan? xoxo Mandy

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