Link Love || July 2014

July has been such a wonderful month! Summer is in full swing, and I’ve been enjoying long days, late nights, and lots of sun. I went on vacation, got to go to my first Con, created an editorial calendar that I’m absolutely obsessed with, and shared a bunch of fun posts with you guys. 🙂

Here are some of my favorites from the month5 Blogging DON’Ts, my list of road trip essentials, How To Create A Skincare Routine, 5 Beach-Worthy Summer Reads, Things I’ve learned in my 20s (so far), My vacation in Tulsa, 5 Tips To Grow Your Blog Readership, my Lisa Frank wishlist, How I get textured beach hair, and products I regret buying. I also introduced 2 new features – My 5 Faves and Makeup Bag Mix-Up!

I’ve also found so many awesome bloggers and posts throughout July!

Burger selfies. Ever heard of them? Me neither. But guess what? They’re a real thing!

– Jen wrote a really great post about the realities of being a creative entrepreneur, and I couldn’t agree more with everything she shared.

– I NEED this Deer Sweater. #wishlist

– Elsie and Emma started a new series called “Work Wears” and I love it! I like getting to see what they wear during their work days, and it gives me a bit of inspiration for my own work wardrobe.

– Ever wonder what would happen to your hair if you went 30 days without washing it with shampoo? Well now you know.

– Loving these 3 Summer Hairstyles Using 3 Bobby Pins!

– I kind of freaked out the other day when I found out about Mood Lipstick For Grownups on Pinterest (oh Pinterest, you never fail to entertain me). This stuff is real? Would you wear it? I’m kind of thinking about buying some, haha.

– I absolutely love this article about chick flicks. All 8 of them are favorites of mine, especially Mean Girls, Clueless, and Heathers. Who wants to have a Girls Night and watch a bunch of movies? ^_^

– This is the cutest party dress I’ve ever seen!

– I’m so honored to have posts featured in the Ultimate Blog Resource Library! Katie is an absolute doll for setting this up, and it is so helpful! If you ever need any help with your blog, definitely check here first.

– If you’re thinking about buying some plants this season, here’s a great article on the benefits of keeping house plants.

A little reminder I like to keep in mind every day, especially on the difficult ones.

– I am obsessed with these DIY White Brick Vases! They’re so cute! Can I white brick everything?

– Rebecca shared a fantastic post about her personal struggles with self doubt as a blogger and entrepreneur.

– I so want to make this DIY Beaded Necklace! I’m thinking with hot pink beads…or maybe black and white!

– If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’ll definitely want to read this article about 5 Steps For Makeup Longevity.

What was your favorite thing from the month? Any bloggers or posts I should check out? Let me know! xoxo Mandy


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