I’ve got a crush on…Kate Spade!

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I’ve been crushing hard on Kate Spade for the past few months. This is a company that I’m sure all of you reading this have heard of before (maybe you’re even a fan yourself). I don’t know how to explain it other than this brand just totally gets me, you know? It’s like, Kate Spade is my spirit animal. Everything about this brand, from the color choices to the styling to the carefree, girly vibe, completely resonates with my soul. I’ve been extremely inspired lately to freshen up my photography and try some new things thanks to the brand’s bright, clean style and eye for details. I bought the Kate Spade Things We Love book a couple weeks ago and it’s given me so many ideas and has me super inspired. And oh my gosh, have you read the blog? I’m smitten.
I’ve been pinning Kate Spade-inspired decor and clothing and party inspiration for weeks. I’ve even got a bedroom decor/organization DIY planned and can’t wait to share it once all of the supplies come in. ^_^
Are you a Kate Spade fangirl? What are you currently crushing on? xoxo Mandy


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