Pastel Rebel

Over the past year, I’ve been trying new things and broadening my personal style to include more than just the usual dress/cardigan/ballet flats combo. Don’t get me wrong, I still love wearing pretty dresses and girly accessories, but I’m having fun experimenting with bolder, new-to-me styles. Like these ankle boots. I love how they add a bit of an edge to my outfit, and I’m not gonna lie, they make me feel like a bit of a bad ass. Like I can take on the world, head held high, confidence soaring. It also helps that they make me way taller. ^_^
Roxie decided to join me in my outfit photo shoot. She loves getting her picture taken, haha.
It’s funny how styles I used to think were ugly are now catching my eye and making their way into my closet. Just another reminder that I need to keep my mind open and try EVERYTHING instead of just writing it off as something that’s not for me. The next things I want to try incorporating into my style are clutches, electric neons, chambray, and the color white. What styles have you tried recently? xoxo Mandy
Dress/Forever 21 – Shoes/Amazon – Ring/Shop in Las Vegas – Bracelet/eBay

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