June Link Love!

This post on lessons learned really made me feel better about everything I’ve been going through.

2. There is a cute little book all about mermaids. Yes, you read that correctly. I need it ASAP.

3. This Summer Citrus Salad recipe sounds so fresh and delicious.

4. Are you a blogger that never has enough time to focus on your posts? Here’s 5 Simple Ways To Succeed With Self-Discipline.

5. The prettiest messy desk I’ve ever seen.

6. I’d give ANYTHING to stay in one of these igloo hotels in Finland! Can you imagine that sky view?

7. If I ever became brave enough to dye all of my hair, I think I’d do this.

8. My current bedroom inspiration. ♥

9. I’m loving this new sister-themed photo series. Such an interesting way to document two personalities!

10. Are you in a creativity rut? Here are some ways to stay inspired.

11. Rebecca’s post on learning to relax was really interesting. I’ve never think about it much, but now I’m wondering if I truly know how to relax or if I’m just change from one hobby to another. Does that count as relaxing?

12. Seriously thankful for this Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Long Bob. Summer’s here and I want this hair UP!

13. The post every rookie (and experienced) blogger should read.

14. After reading this post, I am so getting this nighttime serum.

15. Do you get a lot of crap for living at home in your 20s? Read this. 🙂

16. Looking for easy ways to bring more traffic to your blog? Here are 3 Easy SEO Tips – trust me, read them.

17. I’m in love with this outfit and everything about it.

18. Got blogger’s block? Here are 50 ways to kick it’s ass.

19. Can I has this?

20. The prettiest sink I ever did see! #hearteyes

21. Emily shared this great post on how to change the spacing between gadgets on your blog. Super helpful!

22. This is a must-read for all 20-somethings.

23. Loved this post on keeping your makeup collection regularly rotated – a good reminder for myself because I tend to forget what I have in my stash.

What are some links you loved this month? xo, Mandy


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