Hooray Hooray Hooray

I’ve finally decided to give up and sacrifice modesty for comfort (and cuteness!). I don’t care if people can see my curvy legs and chubby arms, it’s damn hot some days in Missouri and I want to wear shorter shorts and sleeveless tops so I don’t have to sweat to death. Plus, I think I look cute and I love my body, so I’m gonna rock what I got. And let me tell ya, I got a lot. ^_^

I love this outfit! I wore it a few days ago and I felt so summer-y and cute! The top is super flowy and light (and adorable – look at that print!). I’m also extremely happy to have found a nice pair of shorts that aren’t too short or too long, they’re really comfortable and fit perfectly. And can we just take a moment to appreciate the perfectness of this bag? It’s amazing, my new favorite tote, and perfectly sums up my feelings about summer finally being here. Why can’t it always be summer? xoxo Mandy

Top, Shorts, and Sandals/Wet Seal – Bandeau/Forever 21 – Necklace/Thrifted – Sunglasses/Claire’s – Hooray Tote Bag/Bando

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