Review // My First Naturebox!

Naturebox (thanks to Joey Graceffa ^_^) and have quickly fallen in love with it. It took about a week to arrive after I signed up, so not long at all. I decided to go with a random assortment for my first month, for the fun of being surprised and to see if they had a good mix of snacks. Boy do they. I was SUPER impressed by everything I got in my box for April. Not only was it a great variety of sweet, salty, crunchy, and yummy, but the snacks were all super healthy, with no trans fats or high fructose corn syrups. I actually knew what all of the ingredients were listed on the back of the bags – no fillers or chemicals. These snacks taste great and I can feel good about what I’m putting into my body.

Here’s what I got in my box:

Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas – These remind me a bit of those dried corn snacks you can get at convenience stores (you know, the ones in BBQ or Ranch). They are pretty tasty and a good snack if you’re craving something salty. I liked them, but I wish they had a little more flavor. I was looking through the snack options available on Naturebox’s website and found the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, so I’m going to try those out later this month.

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Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops – These are little balls of perfection. To me, they taste very similar to white chocolate macadamia cookies, but lighter and a bit healthier (and without the chocolate). I really love these and will more than likely get them again at some point.

Naturebox is usually $19.95 a month for a box of 5 different full-size bags of snacks, but if you click here you can get $5 off your first box! It’s totally worth it to try it out for a month, and if you’re not happy you’re free to cancel anytime you want. Today’s snacks are always filled with weird chemicals and additives, and Naturebox is a great healthy alternative. 🙂

Which snack that I got this month would you love to try? xoxo Mandy


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