10 Things Making Me Happy

2. This sweet little face.

4. Waking up in a messy, comfy bed.

6. All of the trees blooming and turning green!

8. Early mornings. Can you believe I’ve become a bit of a morning person?

10. My ice cream cone lamp, just like the ones in Animal Crossing. ^_^

Life has been really great lately. I’ve been working hard on making videos and coming up with new ideas, and I’ve also been playing with the idea of blogging more. I’m thinking Monday-Friday, which would give me the weekends to film and edit videos. When I was blogging before, posting every single day became a chore and I really lost my love for blogging (as I’m sure you could tell from the multiple-day gaps in between posts last year). This schedule feels a lot more achievable to me, so I’m going to give it a go and see how I like it. I’m excited to have a space again where I can share my daily musings and thoughts. Nothing like last time, I’m not going to try to be the next Elsie or Brit + Co (though those are some beautiful blogs, check them out if you haven’t). I’m just going to be Mandy, which is good enough. 🙂 To those of you that are still reading this, I’m really happy that you’re here and you’re more than welcome to come along for the ride. xoxo Mandy


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