15 Random Questions Tag!

I’ve got a fun new video to start off the week! I answered the 15 Random Questions Tag, which was really a lot of fun. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a bunch of weird, random things about me….well, here you go. 🙂 I tag all of you reading this right now! If you make a video or blog post response, make sure to leave me a link so I can check it out!
As you may have noticed, my blog is no longer called “Miss Indie”. I feel that I’ve outgrown that name and the direction I want my blog to take no longer fits with the whole “indie” ideal. My blog is now called Mandy Leigh, to tie-in with my Youtube channel AND because this blog will now be a mostly personal space for me to share day-to-day things from my life. I don’t know exactly how often I’ll be blogging, but I’ll probably share posts here every few days. I’m excited to have a space to share things that purely interest me without any pressures of trying to post every day or to only post content that is “popular” right now. So yeah, enough rambling from me. I hope you guys enjoy this new blog and my newest video. xo! Mandy

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