What I've Learned From Creating Capsule Wardrobes

What I've Learned From Creating Capsule Wardrobes | A Girl, Obsessed

I remember first hearing about capsule wardrobes a little over a year ago, and the idea completely enraptured me. In a world where the general mindset is "must have more", it was refreshing to see something that was all about "less". Since learning about the concept, I've created a few seasonal capsule wardrobes of my own, and let me tell you, I've learned some important things not only about fashion, but about myself as well.


When I put my first capsule wardrobe together, I was worried I would run out of outfits so I made sure to include a bunch of different articles of clothing. After a few weeks though, I noticed that there was a lot of pieces that I was not reaching for. I ended up downsizing my capsule, selecting only those items that I knew were going to get worn. As it turns out, I needed far less than I originally thought. This really helped clarify for me what was necessary in my closet, and what could be given away or donated. Now, the size of my wardrobe is much smaller, and I wear about 80% of what's in my closet on a regular basis (not all at once, of course!).


Another worry that crossed my mind during that first capsule wardrobe was that I would have to wear the same looks week after week. What I learned (with the help of Pinterest and minimalist fashion bloggers) is that there are endless options when it comes to your outfits, as long as you think outside the box. Only having 10 or 15 articles of clothing to choose from may seem super limiting, but you can actually achieve so many tasteful ensembles with a bit of creativity and layering. If you're unsure how to come up with different looks, check out The Uniform Project - one girl's journey to wear the same dress for 365 days.


I like this whole idea of having less. By choosing to not have so much stuff, you end up getting so much more. More space around your home. More financial freedom. More time. More calm. It's a lifestyle I can definitely get behind, and it's something I've been trying to introduce more of in my everyday. But it doesn't just stop at physical possessions. I've also been trying to embrace less when it comes to social media, distractions, obligations, and how I spend my time. I feel like my soul is in need of a season of less, so I'm trying to be more diligent in guarding myself from things like overwhelm and excess.

Have you ever created a capsule wardrobe? What did you learn from the experience?

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